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Bike service

Service Description Price
Large bike service  A bike clean, control of the spokes tension and position of both rims, brake cleaning and adjustment, chain,sprocket and gear cleaning and adjustment. Pedal bracket, bottom bracket, hub bearing and steering lager adjustment and control. All screws and connections are proofed and tightened, lighting system is controlled, tyre quality and pressure is controlled and the chain and all joints are lubricated.  € 80,00
€ 70,00 (house price*)
Small bike service  A bike clean, brake pads are cleaned and adjusted. The chain,sprocket and derailleurs are adjusted. All screws and connections are proofed and tightened. Tyre quality and pressure is controlled and the chain and all joints are lubricated. The bike is also checked to meet all road rules.  € 40,00
€ 30,00 (house price*)


Service Price
Type change € 40,00
€ 30,00 (house price*)
Computer assembly an mounting  € 13,00
€ 10,00 (house price*)
Working minute € 1,00
€ 0,85 (house price*)
*Hauspreise werden dann verrechnet, wenn das Fahrrad bzw. die Tennissaiten bei uns gekauft worden ist.




Tennis stringing service

 We offer a stringing service for tennis, badminton and squash rackets.We use an electronic stringing machine. All modern strings from top string manufacturers can be strung, such as Luxilon, Wilson, Babolat, Prince,... Our stringers have also strung rackets for top players such as Andreas Haider-Maurer, Daniel Köllerer, Michi Mertinak and many more. 

Service Price
with own strings € 15,00
€ 10,00 (house price*)
without own strings € 19,90
€ 14,90 (house price*)
*The house price will be charged when the bike or tennis strings has been purchased with us. 
All prices include 20% VAT, extra work will be seperately charged. Not included in the prices is extra or needed material and or items with exception of cleaning fluids and lubricants.