Insurance for rental Skis

To be adequately cover your rental skis and snowboards with insurance SPORT 2000 Schöttl offers 3 different insurance packages.  

All insurances can be made on location!   

1. On site protection 

Here you can insure your skis or boards against damage and theft with a € 5,- per day coverage on Platin, €3,- per day coverage on Gold equipment and €2,- per day for all other categories.

Note: This insurance has a 20% excess rate for theft.

2. DSV Minimum protection

The rental ski or snowboard is insured against damage and theft for the duration of the rental period (max. 3 weeks). The ski or board may be changed as often as you require.

Insurance price per rental period: for ski and boards €20,-

Insurance automatically perspires on rental expiration.  

3. DSV Membership

In addition to damage and theft insurance you also receive with a DSV active-membership personal insurance.(eg helicopter transport costs after accidents are not covered for by many health insurances). 
Insured are all skis and snowboard in your possession and unlimited rental from a commercial ski rental business. The DSV active membership is valid for one year from the time of payment and automatically continues if not legally terminated. 
You receive different benefits according to the insurance package chosen.

Price for the membership with insurance per year:    
eg: DSV BASIC - €30,-