Bike Familytour-Ennstal


Starting from our parking lot in front of the sports shop Sport 2000 Schöttl we cycle to the intersection Geier, on the right side are the Billa and the Volksbank, at this point we turn left the bike path direction Trautenfels and drive this about 1, 5 km until shortly before the bridge over the Enns, before this bridge we turn right into the dirt road, this we can follow along the Enns to the height of the air base Aigen, which appears on the right side. Here, the gravel road ends in the main road, at this point we turn right the bike path following direction Aigen, and follow it to the intersection where there is a bridge on the left. From here, turn right towards the campsite, follow this road to Schlattham, then through Schlattham, about 50 meters after Schlattham we turn right into the gravel road, and follow the path back to Enns. Here we turn left again and drive back to the main road and then along the bike path back to the intersection Geier, then again right the short piece through the local area back to our shop.


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